Project WA4E

WA4E - Women Business Angels for Europe's Entrepreneurs 

Unlocking female angel investment and access to risk capital for women entrepreneurs

With this European Union funded project which ran in 2017-2018, BAE and its partners set out to increase the number of Women Business Angels by 10% and to generate 2.5 million € fresh investment in start-ups across Europe. 

Associazione IBAN was the Italian partner of the network.

WA4E aimed to deploy awareness raising, training and mentoring actions (event based and on-line) to reach out to over 3000 women, identify, engage, coach and accompany women business angels, both new and already active.

The WA4E programme promote and professionalise female angel investment in 6 countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK). The project will also work on the demand side with 480+ women entrepreneurs to access early finance, and improve their pitch.
WA4E has provided 200+ quality deal opportunities to women angels and facilitate 30 deals.

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