Project WA4E

WA4E - Women Business Angels for Europe's Entrepreneurs

Unlocking female angel investment and access to risk capital for women entrepreneurs

With this European Union funded project which ran in 2017-2018, BAE and its partners set out to increase the number of Women Business Angels by 10% and to generate 2.5 million € fresh investment in start-ups across Europe. 

Associazione IBAN was the Italian partner of the network.

WA4E aimed to deploy awareness raising, training and mentoring actions (event based and on-line) to reach out to over 3000 women, identify, engage, coach and accompany women business angels, both new and already active.

The WA4E programme promote and professionalise female angel investment in 6 countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK). The project will also work on the demand side with 480+ women entrepreneurs to access early finance, and improve their pitch.
WA4E has provided 200+ quality deal opportunities to women angels and facilitate 30 deals.

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Interested in getting support as a women entrepreneur, please also check the WeGate Platform

The WA4E Report

The Women Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs WA4E is delighted to present to you a report on women investors and business leaders. In the framework of the WA4E project, partners from six EU countries surveyed 640 women to map out their motivators and obstacles to become female business angels.

Download the report here.​​

This 28-page report summarises the key findings of an online research, which was accompanied by one-on-one and focus group interviews. As such, the report sheds more light on the reasons why women remain underrepresented in the world of business angels and entrepreneurs. 

The results of the research will be incorporated into the outputs of the WA4E project, including training for women business angels as well as improving pitching skills of female entrepreneurs.

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