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Research to understand the barriers to angel investing for women and how to overcome them

Angel investment is exciting, enjoyable and collaborative, offering the chance for women to draw on their financial capacity and business skills, to back high-potential entrepreneurs. Yet only 10% of angel investors in Italy are women!

IBAN Association is working together with seven other leading players in Belgium, France, Portugal Spain and UK to carry out a new piece of research to find out more about women's approach to the topic of angel investing. 

The results will help us to identify what actions are needed to enable more women to engage in angel investing as a means to back early-stage businesses (especially those started by women), and thereby support the growth of our economy, as well as to help women develop their own career and financial opportunities.

The research is based on a short online survey that will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is being administered by Cass Business School, a leading UK academic institution. All information submitted will be treated entirely confidentially and all data results will be anonymized and aggregated.

All women who participate in this survey will have early access to the findings and will be invited to participate in a wide associated conferences, events and workshops about angel investing, according their interests.

So, how can you help?.

If you're an existing female angel investor, please do help us by completing the survey and share the link with your friends and network. 


If you're a woman with the financial capacity and/or relevant investment or business experience, but are not an angel investor, please do help us by completing the survey and share the link with other women like you.


If you’re a man, we would appreciate your help! The survey is exclusively for women, but we should be grateful if you would share it with the women in your networks and contacts who you feel may fit the criteria above.


If you’re a professional advisor or have contacts with women with financial capacity and/or relevant experience as your clients or members, we should be very grateful if you would forward them this information and link to the online survey 


Thank you so much for supporting this important piece of research!

If you’d like any more information, feel free to get in touch with