Connect Foundation

Connect foundation mission is to to sustain the development of talents with the ambition to become leaders. The group started its activities since 2010 and has created over 100 events in Europe, United States and United Arab Emirates. We collaborate with market leading companies for international projects. Since September 2013, our team operates under the name of connect foundation. We are headquartered in the eternal city of Rome, Italy. Our primary focus is the realization of an integrated talent development programme with the aim of creating a new class of young leaders.

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European Investor Gate

The European Investor Gate project (EIG) launched in September 2013. Its aim is to bring results of European ICT research projects to the market and to make ICT researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or first-time entrepreneurs investor ready and have the skills and contacts to finance the commercialisation of their projects. This will be done via awareness building sessions, training and one on one coaching. At the same time EIG will raise awareness and know-how among ICT investors. The project will connect these innovative early stage research projects and investors via investment pitching events and by providing a portal for start-ups and investors across all of Europe. One of the aims is to make strong progress towards closing the gap between public-sector research funding and private investments. For the next two years, EIG will present a series of European investment forums to enable researchers and founders, who receive prior coaching, to present their business ideas.

IBAN Association is partner of EIG Project.

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Make a Cube³

Make a Cube³ è il primo incubatore in Italia specializzato in imprese ad alto valore sociale, ambientale e culturale. E' una joint venture Avanzi e Make a Change. Make a Cube³ è compagno di strada degli innovatori sociali: li aiuta ad avviare nuove imprese in grado di generare un impatto positivo sulla società. Accelera startup portandole sul mercato e favorendo l’incontro con gli investitori. Affianca PMI e grandi organizzazioni profit e no profit nell’incontro e nella collaborazione con startup sociali per innovare identità, cultura, processi, prodotti e servizi. Make a Cube³ è un'impresa a finalità sociale, low profit e low dividend, guidata dai principi dell'equità e attenta alla valutazione degli impatti. Con gli innovatori, condivide l'istinto a cercare di rendere il mondo un posto migliore.

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